Programme Schedule ICCP 2017 Conference, Haridwar

Indo-Canadian conference of Psychology:Past, Present and Future (ICCP -2017)
May 29 and 30, 2017
Le Grand Hotel – Haridwar, India
Organized by
Society of Management and Behavioural Sciences India & Canada (SMBS)
Programme Schedule
Day 1 May 29, 2017
8:00 AM to 8:30 AM        Registration and Reception and Light breakfast
8:30 AM to 9:00 AM        Welcome address and Key Note Address
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM         Lunch break

Scientific Session 1 (9:00 AM to 11 AM)

  1. Comparative Study of the Effect of Mantra Chanting on theCreativity of Children
    Capt. (Ex) DeepikaChamoli, Dr. Rita Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) Abha Singh& Prof. (Dr.) Neil Kobrin
  2. Emotional Competence and Behavioural Deviance in Relation to Anxiety among Adolescents
    Dr. Renuka Joshi & Kanchan Yadav
  3. A Study of Parenting Style of Mother and its Effect on Self-Esteem on Adolescents
  4. Positive and Negative Effect on Emotions Related to Social Networking (Literature Review)
    Sneha Gupta & Sana Farooqui
  5. Barriers to Seeking Help for Mental Health Problems Among Young People: A Review
    ShikhaSoni&Noufal Hameed
  6. Emotional Competence in Relation to Spirituality and Religiosity of the Participants: A Comparative Study
    Prof. (Dr.) ShyamLataJuyal& Dr. Nidhi Sharma
  7. Mental Health of Children in Need of Care and Protection
    Pratiksha Srivastava &Pallavi Bhatnagar
  8. Child Maltreatment and Psychopathology Among Below Poverty Line (BPL) and Above Poverty Line (BPL) Adolescents
    Vinay Lata&Meenakshi
  9. Understanding of Autism in Relation with Socio Economic Status and Availability of Facilities (Literature Review)
    Mony Singh &Richa Shree
  10. The Effect of Colour on Reading Speed
    Nandita Sharma, Barkha Joshi &RashminSompura

  11. Scientific Session 2 (11:00 AM to 1:00PM)
  12. Life Skills Education and Anxiety Level of Adolescents
    Nandita Sharma &HarendraParmar
  13. Effect of Cognitive Drill Therapy (CDT) on the Disgust Feeling and Fear (A Case Study)
    Richa Shree &Mony Singh
  14. Psychology: Then and Now: An investigative Study of Factors Revolving around College Students’ Attendance
    Ms. VrushaliPendse, Dr. Sundari K.P. & Ms. BhagyashreeSawant
  15. Child Abuse and Suicidial Ideation Among Adolescents
    Samvedna Sharma &Sugandha Gupta
  16. Impact of “Son of Soil” Factor in Recruitment & Selection
    Himanshu and Mansi Tiwari
  17. Changing Roles of Teaching Professionals: Issues & Challenges
    Mansi Tiwari &Priyadarshini Pant
  18. Parental Transformational Leadership Quality and Adolescent Leadership Development: An Experimental Approach
    Dr. Rachana Chattopadhyay
  19. Study to Show that Emotional Traumas Can be a Cause of Epilepsy and Epileptic Seizures
  20. Psychotherapeutic Management of Hording Disorder: A Case Study
    Priyadarshini Pant
  21. Prerequisites of Adolescents Parenting: An Experiential Account
    JyotiUpreti&Shubhlakshmi Pant

  22. Scientific Session 3 (2:00 PM to 4:00PM)
  23. Contemporary Teaching Methods: A Student Centred Approach
    Shubhlakshmi Pant &JyotiUpreti
  24. Teachers’ Mental Health
    Shubhlakshmi Pant &Priyadarshini Pant
  25. Work Culture and Psychological Health: A Critical Study of Health Care Workers in Dehradun
    Prof. PushpaKataria& Dr. G.P. Dang
  26. Hindi Adaptation of DRS-II and DRS-15 Hardiness Scale for Indian Military Personnel
  27. Subjective Well-Being in Children and Parenting Dimensions in the Indian Context: A Study in Bangalore City
    AlkaRanjan& Tony Sam George
  28. Stereotypes and Inclusive Society : A Behavioural Perspective
    Dr. Taruna. C. Dhall
  29. Contemporary Status of Sports Psychology in India
    SawantBhagyashree Manohar Manali& Dr. Anita N. Bhat
  30. The End Before Time (Psychosocial Intervention Model for the Phenomenon of Suicide)
    M. George
  31. A Study of Emotional Intelligence and Self-Efficacy of Medical Professionals
    Prof. (Dr.) ShyamLataJuyal& Sandeep Kumar Pandey
  32. Awareness and Knowledge of HPV and Barriers to Vaccinate Amongst the Youth of Patiala, Punjab
    Dr. Naina Sharma Uppal & Ms. Shehbana

  33. Scientific Session 4 (4:00 PM to 6:00PM)
  34. Assistive Technology as a Tool of Enhancing Wellbeing in the Life of Persons with Visual Impairment
    Surender Kumar Dhalwal& Dr. ShyamLataJuyal
  35. Impact of Child’s Intellectual Disability on ParentalPsychological Well-being
    Prof. ShyamlataJuyal&Rashi Bhatnagar
  36. Psychological Well-Being During Pregnancy and Postpartum Period Among Women
    Dr. Gayatri Raina & Puja Kumari
  37. Role of Adolescence in Human Development: A Psychological Study
    Dr. Bajrangi Yadav
  38. A Model for Enhancing the Skills of Academicians: A Conceptual Framework
    Himanshuand Mansi Tiwari
  39. Third Gender: Issues , Struggles, and Steps Towards a Unified Society
    Mansi Tiwari and Priyadarshini Pant
  40. Experiences of Wives Whose Husbands are involved in Infidelity
    Ahmad Warraich
  41. Parental Support in Relation to Academic Achievement of Adolescents
    Dr. Sunita Rani, SurabhiRawat and RoopendraKumar
  42. A study of anxiety of irritable bowel syndrome in terms of gut directed hypnotherapy
    Dr. ShyamLataJuyal and MeghaTaragi
  43. Psychological Capital In Relation To Organization Citizenship Behaviour: A Review
    Dr. ShyamLataJuyal and ShubhamKirarSuryawanshi
  44. Emerging Trends in the Psychology of Child Rights and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Bridging the Gaps between Concepts and Practice
  45. Day 2 May 30, 2017
    8:30 AM to 12:00NOON
    Post Conference Workshop on Ethical Issues in the Practice of Psychology
    Presenter:  Sunil Kumar, Ph.D.

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