News - ist of Accepted papers ICICBBS 2015 Conference, Goa (Till April 1, 2015)

Sr.# Name Co-Author Paper Title
1 Prof.G.Geethanjali Training B-School students in  Cross Cultural Communication and Business Etiquette with reference to India and Canada –A Study
2 Shailja Tripathi Cloud Technology and Individual Performance in the organization: Task Technology Fit Approach
3 Prof. Jemson Vaz Prof. Tenzing J Anto Study on Customer preference of Private Label brands (w.r.t Company brands in Sanitary sector)
4 Prof. Tenzing J Anto Prof. Jemson Vaz Consumer Protection Act, 1986 vis-àvis legal Profession – An Analysis
5 Dr. Susmita Bandyopadhyay A novel multi-criteria multi-agent based strategy based on Tarantula mating behavior
6 Prof. Dr.Hari Sundar.G.Ram Dr D.Sudharani Ravindran Entertainment Area and its Importance in Inducement of Pester Power Among Kids : A study with reference to Chic King outlet in Kochi
7 Prof. Dr.Hari Sundar.G.Ram Dr D.Sudharani Ravindran Study on Shopping Involvement in Online Shopping: An exploratory study of its antecedents and consequences
8 Dr. Nirmal Kumar The success of Bhojpuri cinema: the unique business model of poor
9 Dr. S. Pavan Kumar Dr. Vijai N. Giri Impact of Demographic Characteristics on Participation in Decision Making and Affective Organizational Commitment among Teachers’ of Private Engineering Institutions
10 Vibhuti Jha Sharmila Sharan “Creation  of   perceived  customer value  in competitive market”  A study of  competing  Cement  Brands 
11 Kanchan Datta Subhasis De Export and GDP Growth Nexus in India- An Econometric Study
12 Kavitha Uthaiah Bridging the HR process gap across locations cultures and practices
13 Ahmet ALTINOK Ahmet KARA Developing of Perception of Success Scale
14 Sanjeev Ingalagi Dr. Rajeshkumar .K Buying Behavior of Financial Credits and its impact on Jaggery Productivity in Rural Karnataka
15 Ms. Madhuri Aggarwal Mr. Akash Datta Hospitality Education-Trends, Issues and Challenges
16 Shrimant V. Rathod Sandip D. Maind Ethnopharmacognostical analysis of Euphorbia hirta (Asthma Plant)
17 Shrimant V. Rathod Sandip D. Maind Pharmacognostical study of Vernonia cinerea
18 Manjusha Patwardhan An Interplay of Gender and Caste- A study of Khap Panchayats
19 Reena Menezes Dr. Priyanka Kacker,Prof. C.R. Mukundan Role of Brain Function Therapy in Neuro in rehabilitation of Alcoholics : An exposition & benefaction
20 Narayan B. Prabhu M. Fast-food consumption behavior of students - A case study of Manipal University, Manipal
21 Dr.Gitanjali Singh Subaltern Social Movement: India And Canada
22 Dr. Gangaram Biswakarma Mr. Pradeep Kumar Khanal Employee percieved leadership style and their engagement: an empirical study of private sector commercial banks in Nepal
23 Swati Minz Dr. Pradeep Munda Living practices, hazards of life and balancing work-life of women: a case study of women police in Ranchi, Jharkhand
24 Krupa Kapadia Study of Generational diversity at work place and conflict arising on account of generational difference among them
25 Prof. Shradha Manohar Kulkarni Prof. Manmohan Vyas, Prof Girija Shirurkar A Case study of "Narayan Murhy" joins back Infosys - Masterstroke or Strategic Gaffe (2011-2013)
26 Shailja Tripathi Cloud Technology and Individual Performance in the organization: Task Technology Fit Approach
27 Daya Raj Dhakal Employee grievences of services and manufacturing organizations: A study of Pokhara Valley Nepal
28 Dr Rahila Farooqi Sadaf Firdous Impact of internet banking service on customer satisfaction
29 Dr Maran Kaliyamoorthi Dr C V Jayakumar, Lawrance Thomas A Study of Institutional Influence on effectiveness of Enterpreniel Development Programme with reference to Engineering Professional students
30 Dr Vinita Pandey Making Ganga Aviral : The Socio-Psychological Behavioral challenges
31 Vijitha P Nair Dr V Murela The Relationship between the factors of positive Psychological commitment with commitment of an employee
32 N H Lakshmi Shashikanth Subramanya and Gnanaskandan Velu The Role of Social Enterprises and Partnerships to participate  for better Governance - A study of Project Deriya
33 Mohammed Abdul Asim Stakeholder management in IT Industry
34 Ms. Usha Sharma Prayavaran Mitra Shikshakon ka Nirman: Ek Prayas
35 Ms Rupal Thakkar Opening up minds of Vernacular Medium English Language Teachers with ICT tools
36 Dr Yogeshkumar V Pathak Mental Health & Job satifaction among primary teachers
37 Dr Ketan D Sanchla Depression & Job Satisfaction among high school teachers Male & female
38 Astha Nagpal A study of facebook addiction on Percieved social support And Psychological well being Among late Adoloscents
39 Mr Pankaj Shankar Pandhar Panchayat Raj Institution: Prime instrument of implement Welfare schemes in Rural Areas
40 Leema1, Rohini Seghal1, Vanamail Perumal1, Shobha Khandpal1, Arun Kumar1 Neeta Kumar 2, Hari Shankar 3 and Alka Kriplani 1
Neeta Kumar 2, Hari Shankar 3 and Alka Kriplani 1
Comparison of Domains of quality of life and beck anxiety level in Anemic and Non anemic premiperous Indian Women
41 Vidushi Pathak and Dr. Ari Sudan Tiwari Emotional Intelligence and perception of politics predicting resistence to change in research organisations in India
42 Piyush Balage Compensation Management: A Case study of Hedgewar Hospital Aurangabad
43 V Hamanth Kumar Dr P Premchand Babu Societial perception on Juveniel delinquency & law - a study with reference to Indian perspective
44 Astha Nagpal Jagriti Sharma, Neha Verma Charms & challenges of Adolescents - Psychological Intervention - from being a victimizer to a victim
45 Neha Verma A study of effects of self control techniques of gyclemic control & the life style factors among type 2 diabeties patient
46 Dr Padhmavati V Natural Disasters: Need for Integration of Financial Services for better Financial inclusion
47 Nura Hamisu Mohammed Econometric Modeling: Specification, Errors, Consequences and Characteristics
48 Ms. Priyanka R.S Role of SHGs in empowering disabled women: a Case Study of Rural Telangana
49 Kabiru Abdu Ibrahim Working Capital Management and Profitability of Food and Beverages Companies in Nigeria
50 Rameez Hassan Globalisation and Human development in Indian Context; Nature and Suggestions
51 Monika Bhatia Dr. Narinder Kaur A Study of Attitude and Perception Millennium City Investors for ULIPs.
52 Dr. H. Nagaraj Madhu Sudhan.S Global Trends in HR  – Changes and Challenges in 21st Century
53 Devesh Kumar Learning Management System Adoption in Universities Perception about Moodle as Pedagogical Tool in a Private University in India
54 Rajendra Baikady Venkat Pulla and Channaveer R.M Social Work Education in India and United Kingdom
55 Dr. Shailly Nigam BRICS-Africa Relationship: How ideal is this South-South Cooperation
56 Parag Chandra Capital Market Liberalization in the light of Behavioural Finance
57 Prof. (Dr .) Shyamlata Juyal Ms Chinu Agrawal Humour: A useful skill at the workplace – A literature review
58 Priyanka Jaiswal Impact of Need for Power on Impression management Tactics: Moderating effect of Machiavellian Organizational Culture
59  Niveditha, K. V. Dr. Madhumathi R. Behavioral Bias in Indian Securities Market
60 Suman Sikdar Forward Exchange Market Efficiency and Interest Parity Arbitrage in Indian Economy-Time Series Econometric Study with Rupee - Dollar Exchange Rate.
61 Tanvi Anil Patel Depression and self -esteem esteem in patients with schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder
62 Aitihun M. Wankhar Stress and Emotion Regulation in patient with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Affective Disorder: A comparative Study
63 Shambhavi Upadhyay HR Outsourcing  – A Competitive Strategy
64 Prof. R. Ruma Agnesnes The New Rule of Online Business and A Critical Review and Theoretical Framework for Further Study
65  Manasi Rani panda Aitihun M. Wankhar Resilience And Quality Of Life Among The Mental Health Professional
66 Shuchi Bharti State, Market and Civil Society in the Process of Development: Evaluation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Projects in India
67 Raghavendra Prasanna Kumar Economic Indicators of India
68 Varsha Singh Being in Love – Magic, Reality and Illusions: Perception of Young Adults
69 Janaki Nayak Dr. Priyanka Kacker Rape: Causes, Attitude and Prevention
70 Dr. G.S. Kushwaha Nagendra Kumar Sharma Envisaging success of green marketing through consumer perception: A study of Indian automobiles sector
71 Ashna Gupta The Effect of a Mindfulness, CBT and Academic Training on a Child with Conduct Disorder: A Case Study
72 Kayalvizhi P.N. Dr. Thenmozhi M. Foreign Investment Drivers in India
73 Choudhary. A Hararwala T, Kacker. P Virtual Intimidation
74 Mr . Prashant Trivedi Green Purchase Behaviour: A Literature Review
75 Dr. Harinder Singh Gill Deepika Gupta Organization Citizenship Behavior: A Meta analytical approach and its future prospects
76 Stabak Roy  Saptarshi Mitra Infrastructural Status of Tourism in Tripura, India:  Geographical Perspectives
77 Prof. Shyamlata Juyal Rashi Bhatnagar Substance dependence and Mental health Substance dependence A case study
78 Ann Maria Rozario Dr. Arulchelvan Sriram Cartoons: A Proven Tool for Health Communication
79 Mr. Bhabani Shankar Panigrahi Ms. Sanjana S. Mishra Social Exclusion: A Study of Hijras and Transgender Women in Mumbai
80 Dr . Tripti Dhote Global Destination branding through Indian Cinema: Evaluating the Brand Relevance.
81 Anil Kumar. K. Ph. D HRD Strategies for Empowering the Unorganized - Emerging role of NGOs
82  T. Nagesh  Waleed Al Ameer Knowledge management as an effective strategy for project performance improvement – a case of merger project unit with a large organization
83 Ms. Arijita Sen Sociality of AntiSociality of AntiSociality of Social Behaviour
84 Prof. Nandini Francis Unfold the Wealth in Indian Rural Markets: A strategy for profitably selling to Rural Consumers
85 Dr. Azra Ishrat Dr. Seema Wali Workplace Flexibility: HR Strategy for Handling Contemporary Workforce
86 Akila G B Prof. Shobhana Madhavan Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening: A Social Marketing Study
87 Dr. Jyoti Suhas Gagangras Sociology and Gender Studies : Status of Women
88 Prof Shubhangi Joshi Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
89 Dr. Anu Kohli Mr. Ram Singh A Review of Critical Success Factors Quality Management in Manufacturing Industry
90 Sumant Bishwas Knowledge Management and HR: A Tool for Learning and Innovation
91 Jayanti Srivastava Syed Zainul Haque World of Information with a free mind & free soul
92 Dr. Gauri A Khan Employee is the queen: Emotions are next frontier
93 Richa Vijayraj Imran Rao Sexual Harassment at workplace: A study on impacts of policy failures
94 Aritra Mukherjee Dr. Harpreet Bhatia Procrastination: A Function Of Goal Orientation, Task Value, Locus Of Control, Self- Efficacy, Test Anxiety And Gender ”
95 Raj Kumar Sandeep Psychosocial problems among university students: A comparative study
96 Kiran Yadav Job Satisfaction and its Representation through Relevant Factors
97 Moitreyee Paul Dr. A. Dutta & Dr. P. Saha Workplace spirituality and Work-life balance: A study among women executives of IT sector companies
98 Dr. Sowmya.Puttaraju  Akila Murthy, Chindu Mary Mathew, Joemy Alexander, Niyantha Mittal & Sushmitha.S Understanding ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ in Children
99 Ritika  Garg A Comparative Study Between Reliance Industries Limited And Thomson Reuters
100  Batul Sukhsarwala Dr. Priyanka Kacker & Dr. C.R. Mukundan Academic Motivation, Dispositional Mindfulness, Emotional Maturity and Academic Achievement of College Students
101 Bhaskar Bhatt Batul Sukhsarvala , Dr. Priyanka Kacker, and Dr. C.R. Mukundan Unconscious Priming Towards Aggression Perception
102 Akanksha Rathee  Anjali Rana Job satisfaction and marital as a predictor of well - being among married professionals
103 Umar Musa Kallah Yakubu Usman Aminu Macroeconomic Dynamics and Financial Crises in Nigeria
104 Manoj Kumar Pandey Adopting Spiritual Life Style: It’s Effect on Well - Being
105 Dr. Ashavaree Das Dr. Kirti Sharma Empowering the self and community among low income pregnant women in India : The role of Focus Group Discussions
106 Dr. Ashavaree Das. Mr. Aroop Mukherjee Health Services Facilitating access in low-resource settings
107 E.Rajkumar  Sandeep B.H, Sooraj K.V, KMKS Sarma, Harish CH and Lally A Psychosocial problems between male and female HIV positive patients: A comparative study
108 Anjali Sharma Dr. Roomana N. Siddiqui Intergroup Awareness as a result of Contacts
109 Hayatuddin Hamza Safiyo (M.Sc.) Umar Musa Kallah (M.Sc.) The Effect Of Interest Rate, Inflation Exchange Rate, Unemployment On Real Economic Growth Rate: Evidence From Nigeria (1961-2010)
110 Shruthi B S Balakrishna Acharya Y T A study on the personality and emotional maturity among trainee musicians and non - musicians
111 Ramesh. M Kodandarama HRM practices and Total Productive Maintenance: Empirical evidence from Badve Engineering Pvt Ltd.
112 Abirami K Priyadarshini, R G Do learning styles differ among individuals of varying generations and would it be influenced by their professional upbringing and careers chosen?   A study with special reference to Generation X and Generation Y
113 Flourisha Khattar Priyadarshini, R G Is Organizational Culture an antecedent to Emotional Intelligence?  – with special reference to Banking and Healthcare industry in India
114 Santosh Kumar Mrinalini Pandey The Impact of Price-Endings on the Customers’ Attitude and Buying Behavior: A Study
115 Aman Choudhary Tasneem Hararwala The Multi - Dimensional Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility
116 Umar Musa Yakubu Aminu Usman Modelling Long Run and Short Determinants of Foreign Exchange Rate in Nigeria: Evidence from Bound Test Approach
117 Dr . Komal Verma Impact of Employee Perception regarding Health facilities on Work Productivity
118 Joshua Haun William M. Mothersell and Jaideep Motwani Implementing Kaizen in the Workplace: A Case Study
119 Stephen. S Career Attitude And Strategies  Among College Teachers
120 Dr. S. Sankar Dr. K. Maran Performance Evaluation Of Select Leading Public Sector Banks in India
121 Gyaneshwer Singh Kushwaha Mukesh Kaushal Impact of Branding on Consumer’s Online Buying Behavior
122 Ankitha. U C. Gnanaprakash Ideational Fluency, Cognitive Emotional Regulation Strategies And Occupational Self Efficacy Among Scientists In Research Institutions
123 A Basak B Paul, A Deb,  R Roy and S Saha Dynamics of Bertrand model under price and delivery time sensitive
124 Dr. (Smt) K.S. Sarala Mrs. Rizwana Begum Brand positioning: A Study on Men Apparel Brands in Mangalore
125 Dr. K. Nirmala Shashidhar M. Sugur Impact of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Integration in School Education
126 Dr. K. Sentamilselvan Dr. S. Pragadeeswaran Consumer opinion on various brands of milk  – A study with reference to Chennai
127 Dr. Anurakti Mathur Dr. Priyanka Tiwari Behavioural & Soft Skills Training In Preparing Soldiers For Psychological Warfare
128 Meenakshy S R Effect of Behavioral Finance Theories on Individual Investors Behavior
129 Priya Gaur Dr. Sanjit K Mishra Reverence of Environment in The Vedas
130 Dr. K. Soundarapandiyan Dr. M. Ganesh A Study on Consumer Perception Towards Online Shopping With Reference to Chennai
131 Meera pradeep Identifying Children As An Influencers In Family Buying Process With Special Reference To Toys
132 Khushboo Sharma Financial Economics in Context with India and China
133 Dr. Geeta Sachdeva Total Quality Management and Business Excellence
134 Somya Khatri Batul Sukhsarwala, Esther D’souza, Dr. Priyanka Kacker, Dr. C .R. Mukund Cortical Functioning and Humor: EEG analysis while perceiving Humorous Videos
135 Sukanya Roy Employee Satisfaction among The Teaching And Non Employees Of Educational Institute In Jhunjhunu: A Comparative Analysis
136 Sonali Behl Psychological Difficulties and Coping Strategies of Parents: Child at early stage of developmental disability
137 Rajesh Walawalkar Impact of HRM on Organisational Performance: Facing the Challenges and forging ahead
138 Keerthana Manohar Consumer Attitude Towards Organic Vegetables
139 Devika Rajagopal Influence Of Electronic Word Of Mouth (eWOM) On Youth While E-Purchasing Of Mobile Phones
140 Hemavathi I. Factors Framing Consumer Perception Prior To The Buying Decision Of Mobile Telecom Service Providers
141 Priyanka Atreja Level of Emotional Intelligence in Arranged Marriage Versus Love Marriages and Their Marital Adjustment
142 Dhvani Patel Personality As A Concomitant Of Driver Behavior And Anger Expression
143 Sonakshi Singh Anchal Garg A Comparative Study of Holistic Growth amongst Student-Centered and Teacher Centered Learning Institutions
144 Dr. Vijaya Mani A  Longitudinal Study to determine the Predictors of Job Satisfaction among Scientists and Engineers in a Research and Development Organization
145 Piyusha Ghosh  Kiran Kareepadath Gopalakrishnan Effect of violent and non- violent images on P300 of young adults: An ERP study
146 Lt Col (Dr) Jyotirmaya Satpathy Inquiry into Neuro - Managerial  Decision Making
147 Powrnima G Kumar Poroly The Impact of Social Media on E-Commerce
148 Paawni Gandhi Impact of Socioeconomic Status on P300 of children
149 S Rahul Bose Factors affecting the choice behavior of consumers towards restaurants at tourist destination
150 Esther Desousa Neural Correlates while perceiving Humorous Videos: Coherence Analysis of EEG Waves
151 Anchal Garg Priyanka Tiwari A Synthesis of Literature on Ethics Program for Political Behaviour in Organization
152 Anuradha Rathi, Nidhi Sharma Study of Frustration in Relation to Residential and Non-Residential Adolescents
153 Venkata Krishna Kota Nagendra Kumar Mangali Methods to Analyze Data in Health Monitoring Systems
154 Prabjot Kaur Ashutosh Priya Awasthi Faculty (without Ph.D and NET) in Private NBA accredited MBA Institutes: A Question against the Quality Management Education
155 Dr. Shyam Lata Juyal Surender Kumar Dhalwal Listing of Automatic Thoughts of Persons with Acquired Visual Impairment
156 Surender Kumar Dhalwal Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as an adjunctive therapy in adjustment of person with acquired visual impairment: A Case report
157 Nandini Sinha To Report Or Not To Report
158 Pranija Bohara Dr. Priyanka Tiwari Nurturant Task Leadership In Relation To Positive Emotions
159 Decency Rajput Siddharth Chowdhury Marital Rape and Intimate Partner Violence: Effects on Psychological Well-being and Psychological Morbidity
160 Babita Saroha Sunita Rani A look on the lifestyle of dad- inside story
161 Aaditya Thakar Student attention and learning increases with facial attractiveness of the teacher through the halo-effect
162 Tahmineh Moghimi Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Structure in Iran Capital Market
163 Dr. R. Hemanalini Analysis of Socio Economic issues of women employee’s in tobacco industries - with reference to women bidi workers, in Tamilnadu
164 Dr. Rodney D’Silva Frog Culture- Why Not?
165 Dr. R.Gokilavani Dr. R. Durga Rani Impact Of Brand Equity Dimensions On Brand Purchase Intention Of Customers Through Social Media Networks
166 Kaushikkumar Patel Dr. Tejas Shah Impact of sales promotion on online buying behavior in India: A study covering employees of MNCs who are frequent online buyers
167 Musarrat Shaheen Arun Tiwari Influence of Psychological Capital on employees’ outcomes: The Moderating role of Perceived Organizational Support
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