Guidelines For Submission

Guidelines For Submission

Guidelines for Submission of Papers By Authors

Copy of the manuscript, typed in double space on A4 size bond paper allowing 1 inch margin on all sides, should be submitted with a soft copy by e-mailed to the editor at [email protected] or [email protected]. However, in this case two hard copies of the manuscript have to be sent separately. Manuscripts should follow British spellings throughout e.g. Programme, not program. The length of a paper including tables, diagrams, illustrations, etc., should not exceed 20 double spaced pages or 5000 words. Short communications relating to book reviews, review articles, reports of conferences, summary/views on various government reports, debatable issues should not exceed more than 5 double spaced pages.

Originality Statement
Author(s) is (are) required to give an undertaking that the manuscripts sent for publication in this journal have not been published or sent for publication elsewhere. Each Manuscript must be accompanied by a Manuscript Submission Form, the Format for which can be downladed from here.

All contributions submitted will be subjected to peer blind review and the decision of the Editorial Committee will be final at all.

Preparing Manuscripts
First page should consist of the title of the paper, name(s) of author(s) with affiliations and abstract not exceeding 150 words. Second page should start with the title of the paper again, followed by abstract and the normal text of the full paper. Name(s) of author(s) should not appear anywhere in the text from second page onward. At the end of the blind review, the editor will inform the corresponding author about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. On acceptance, the author is expected to incorporate the modifications suggested by the reviewers, if any, and again submit a disk and hard copy of the revised manuscript. An author will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which his/her paper appears.

Captions, Footnotes and References
All the tables, figures and the graphs should have captions. In captions for tables, figures, graphs and column heading in tables, the first letter of the first word should be capitalized and all other words should be in lower case (except proper nouns). For example, Table 2: India's GDP.

Footnotes in the text should be numbered consecutively in plain Arabic superscripts. All the footnotes, if any, should be typed under the heading 'Footnotes' at the end of the paper immediately after 'Conclusion'. However the footnotes should be avoided in general if they can be substituted by relevant no. of references.

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